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School with a Red Roof

The design was intended to create spaces that could be used as supplementary class rooms for an NGO focussed on remedial classes for underprivileged students admitted to formal schools. The MS pipe frame structure with a roof of interlocking terracotta Mangalore tiles provided the cover needed to define usable spaces in the ancillary spaces available around a regular 3 bedroom house in an urban village of Delhi.

The structure was painted a bright yellow to contrast the red of the terracotta tiles. To further enliven the color scheme yellow fire clay bricks were used in white brick walls to create jali screens for venitilation while the fly mesh screening to cover these openings were painted a bright blue. Old doors and parts of discarded MS security grills were reused by resizing and upcycling to create new compositions in the desired openings.

Status.    : Completed

Location :  NewDelhi 

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