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Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR)

The project entailed designing and building two extensions of the Indian Council for Historical Research Library at their office on Firozshah Road in New Delhi. The first part of the extension was to the reading area itself encorporating a lean to corrugated sheet roof over a previously neglected balcony. The three side walls were treated with parapet to ceiling glass and windows fitted into MS Frames. The horizontally pivotted windows allowed free placement of book storage shelves while permitting adequate ventilation. The second part of the extension was to build a kitchen service and eating area for the staff in the terrace. The Gazebo like structure was made on a grid of brick columns constituting four days enclosed using MS Frame and glass windows.

The overall expression of the design derived from white painted MS members and glass for the library and green painted MS members along with white painted brickwork for the canteen structure on the terrace. A combination of greenish grey Kota stone and ochre yellow Jaisalmer stone became the theme for the floor and counter slabs.

Status.    : Completed

Location :  NewDelhi 

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