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Tessellated Office

An advocate's office located in a small basement space for its prime location struggled to comfortably accommodate the owner, the 3-4 employees and visiting clients. Removing the slightly heavy look and feel of the furniture, the design scheme replaced a linear arrangement of 2 seater desks along the length of the long and narrow space. The legal books were concentrated on the two ends in two large white painted glass cabinets. Adding a sense of spaciousness these shelves made the space seem longer, while the wood floor worked to tie the entire space together. The combined desks each seating two persons enabled adequate seating for the staff with a chair or two for client seating, while at the other end a section of the office was 'partitioned' using a tesselated metal three dimensional jali screen to give definition to the seating of the owner with facing seats for visitors without visually breaking the already limited space. The triangulated geometry of the screen complimented the metal frame and glass table for the owner, once again adding a lightness to space while appearing chic with a classic charm.

Status.    : Completed

Location :  NewDelhi 

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