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Spatial Design 

The practice conducted numerous experiments with design and fabrication with an aim to prototype. The materials of choice were bamboo and metal. With bamboo and having a metal bolt pin jointed detail, a few different types of modules we're developed. The first was a Bamboo Tree that was a 9 ft high bamboo canopy that stood on it's own metal base and had a central post and triangulated support brackets. A bamboo frame canopy of 10ft x 10ft could be lifted into place to provide shade cover. These "trees" were commissioned at a terrace in Jor Bagh and were part of events at SAHMAT, India Habitat Centre, Aurobindo Society, Champa Gali and were exhibited at Alliance Francaise as part of a design fair. Another module was a 10 ft span triangulated Bamboo Arch with a height of 8 ft. This "arch" could be designed by repeating axially into a vaulted Gazebo like structure or radially around a central point to create a structure of revolution but having a square base. In this radial orientation a unit of temporary habitataion in a post disaster scenario was designed as a cluster of houses for the Buckminster Fuller Institute Challenge. 
The practice also experimented and built dynamic metal frame furniture, MS Frame house structures using Gabion walls as well as IPS Flooring and low cost insulation techniques.

Status.    : Completed

Location :  NewDelhi 

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